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Buna Junior High
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Amber Flowers
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Junior High School
Main Office:  409-994-4860



Semester Exam Bell Schedule

No classroom or lunch visitors during semester reviews or exams

December 19 – Review for semester exams

December 20 – Give Semester Exams to periods 1, 3, 5, 7 (Students will use even number periods as study periods – follow regular bell schedule without study hall)

December 21 – Give Semester Exams to periods 2, 4, 6 (Students will follow a special bell schedule and only go to even-numbered classes)


December 21, 2016 (Early Out)

6th Grade                                       7th Grade                                          8th Grade

1st bell   7:50                                  1st bell  7:50                                    1st bell  7:50

2nd period  7:53-9:33                      2nd period  7:53-9:33                       2nd period  7:53-9:33

4th period  9:36-11:06                     4th period  9:36-11:06                     4th period  9:36-11:06

Lunch  11:09-11:29                        6th period  11:09-11:39                   6th period  11:09-12:06

6th period  11:32-1:10                    Lunch  11:43-12:03                        Lunch 12:09-12:29

                                                       6th period  12:06-1:10                     6th period  12:32-1:10


All car riders released @ 1:05

School will dismiss at 1:10 on Wednesday, December 21st.

School will resume on Monday, January 9th.

We would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year!


1st annual BJHS pumpkin decorating contest participants:

Madison Blessing with her hamburger

Kadie Chambliss with a raccoon

Ella Flowers with her donuts

Gracie Gonez with a toad

Lee Mcclelland with an eyeball

Mark Hannaman with the Spooky Cinema

Not pictured: Michaela Lorenz with her Spooky Cinema and Coy Pellerin with Glenn from the Walking Dead

The Perfect Attendances Winners for the 2nd Six Weeks receiving a $50 prize:



Logan Milner, Dalton Blankenship, Zoe Coplen