Role of the Paraprofessional

As the team plans, they may decide that a student needs a paraprofessional to support the classroom teacher and the student.  Paraprofessional to support the classroom teacher and the student.  Paraprofessionals, or educational assistants, are important members of the educations team.  When a paraprofessional is assigned to a teacher or classroom to assist students with special needs, it is crucial that they are viewed as a support for all students.  This encourages and allows the teacher to take ownership for every student in the class.  It also provides the teacher and all students an opportunity for extra instruction and support.  Paraprofessionals commonly assist with tasks such as:

  • leading small group instruction designed by the teacher,
  • gathering materials
  • providing assistance for personal care and other physical needs
  • assisting students to complete directions given by the teacher
  • facilitating interactions between students
  • adapting lessons under the teacher's guidance and 
  • executing other, often unseen, but very important tasks for the classroom community.

Paraprofessionals are a great asset to the education team!


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